Matthieu Marechal
Doctor in applied mathematics
Situation actuelle: Asistant profesor at University Diego Portales, Chile, faculty of engineering.
Direction: Ejercito, 414, Santiago, Chile
E-mail: matthieu.marechal'[at]'

Thesis defended december 2th 2011, comittee: Mr. AID René, Mr. AUSSEL Didier, Mr. CORREA Rafael, Mr. CORVELLEC Jean-Noël, Mr. JOFRE Alejandro, Mr. JOURANI Abderrahim, Mr. THIBAULT Lionel

Title of the thesis: Generalized Nash Equilibrium and bi-level programming: formulation, optimality conditions and application to electricity market.

Studies and graduation
2008-2011 Doctorate in applied mathematics: :
University of Perpignan in collaboration with the Universidy of Chile,in Santiago, Chile.
Thesis supervisors: Didier Aussel (University of Perpignan) and Rafael Correa (University of Chile, in Santiago).
Thesis defended the 2-th december 2011.
2007-2008 2007-2008: Preparation to the Agrégation competition, admitted ranked 123th.
2007 2007: Admitted to the Ecole Normale Supérieure, in Paris, ranked 15th.
2005-2007 2005-2007: Master in Applied mathematics, University of Perpignan.
2001-2005 2001-2005: Graduation in Mathematics, University of Perpignan

Research topics
- Continue optimization
- Variational analysis, non-smooth analysis
- Generalized Nash Equilibrium
- Variational et Quasivariational Inequalities
- Proximal algorithm
- Electricity market